Roasted Garlic Jelly

Bourbon Garlic Jelly


Chipotle Garlic Jelly
Roasted Garlic Glaze
Price: $6.00 / 10oz. (280 Grams) Jar

Bourbon Garlic Sauce

Price: $7.00 / 10oz. (280 Grams) Jar

Bourbon Smoked Garlic Salt

Price: $9.00

Chipotle Garlic Glaze
Price: $6.00 / 10oz. (280 Grams) Jar

Elisabeth's Sweet Garlic Mustard
Price: $6.00 / 10oz. (280 Grams) Jar

Garlic Glaze Gift Basket

Orr gift basket includes one of each Glaze in an Amish woven cracker basket.

$35.00 with the Bourbon Garlic Sauce and


$35.00 with the mustard


Rattlesnake Hill Farm Bourbon Smoked Red Pepper


An Asian chile, with less heat than a cayenne, is slowly smoked over hickory and bourbon barrel staves.  It is a great blackening agent for any meat if you like just a little kick of heat.  It is also a wonderful addition to soup, chili, eggs, and vegetables.  We love it on pizza too!



Rattlesnake Hill Farm Bourbon Smoked Garlic Salt


This is a mixture of our garlic and Italian sea salt, smoked over hickory and bourbon barrel staves to produce its smoky flavor.  It enhances the flavor of beef, pork, chicken and vegetables.  It is especially delicious as a finishing salt for red meats and a topping for baked potatoes.  Our Bourbon Smoked Garlic Salt is a rare treat when paired with dark chocolate.  In short, you decide what to do with it, it would be hard to go wrong.




Rattlesnake Hill Farm Herb Blend


We use aromatic herbs at their peak of flavor and take them directly from our herb gardens to our commercial kitchen right here on the farm.  There they are dehydrated and combined with our dehydrated garlic.  This blend lends itself to Italian cuisine.  Use it in pasta sauce or on garlic bread.  Mix some with olive oil and spread it on chicken or fish.




Rattlesnake Hill Farm Bourbon Smoked Paprika


Try this combination of sweet, Spanish paprika and the mellow, oaky flavors of fine Kentucky bourbon, smoked to perfection. $6.00



Rattlesnake Hill Farm Smoked Garlic Peppercorns... now in grinder.


We smoke whole and cracked peppercorns to bring the oaky flavor of bourbon and hickory to this well known spice.




Burbon Marinade




Rattlesnake Hill Farm Smoke Rattle & Rub



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