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Rattlesnake Hill Farm Testimonials


The name alone just makes your mouth water...sweet garlic and mustard, three of the most delicious words and very fitting. Megan was kind enough to send me a very well packed (and quickly shipped) jar of "Elisabeth's Sweet Garlic Mustard" and I must say, I am hooked for life.


There is something to home made fresh farm products that just makes everything taste better :)

Angel D




Dear friends in farming,


Hi, My name is Pat Lafferty. I am the wife of Lee Lafferty, and co-owner of Companions Creek Farm in Shelbyville KY, and cousins of and distributors of Stone Cross Farm products.  My husband Lee Lafferty, knows you from the Baregrass Church farmers market.  I know you via all your wonderful products, that Lee brings home! 

  I am in great need of more of your Bourbon Smoked Garlic Salt!!!  All of my family, (whom are not farmers), have tasted it while in our home  for visits and love it.  I would like to give this item as gifts for Christmas, and Lee wants some to give to Patrick and Leeta Kennedy, owners of Stone Cross Farms so they have some.  WE both use this in almost everything we cook!!! This is awesome stuff…  My question to you is..Are you guys at the Douglass Loop Fall Famers Market?  Lee and I are, (well OK Lee is, I gave this up because I wanted my Saturdays back!), if you have a presence at the Douglass Loop Market, please let me know, so Lee can pick up some of the Bourbon Smoked Garlic Salt to bring home, or if not at this market, please tell me how I can buy some from you!!! I cannot live without it anymore…It is awesome..


Thanks bunches,

Pat Lafferty

Pat Lafferty AICP


Hey guys, it's Josh Arrant from the bourbon fest.  Just wanted to tell you that we just recently had one of our lambs that we raise for meat butchered.  The only thing that I use on the steaks when I cook them is a little fresh ground black pepper and some of your boubon smoked garlic salt.  It has made for some of the best meat I have ever eaten in my life.  Thought you might like to hear that..

Take care,



Your bourbon smoked pepper was well received in Key West.....many beers and jerk chicken wings have been sacrified in the name of Rattlesnake Farms....the greenhouse



We were on our way to our car at the Kentucky State Fair this year, when my daughter walked up to your booth. My daughter, who hates everything, fell in love with your Sweet Garlic Mustard. That alone was enough for me to buy a jar. Then I began to look around and saw your  other products. Having tried almost every sauce, rub, and marinade you can think of I didn't really expect much' but  I sampled the Chipotle Garlic sauce anyway and was blown away. I didn't even bother to try the other sauces. I bought one of every product on the table. So last night I decided to grill out.I put six boneless chicken breasts on the barbecue and glazed them with your Bourbon Garlic Sauce. Now I should say that this was on a Sunday, the only meal of the week when my family can all sit down for dinner together. So I  always do my best to serve my girls the best possible meal I can. Unfortunately my daughter, who as you know, hates everything usually just picks at her food and hardly eats anything. Well not this time. My daughter ate everything on her plate. From the deviled eggs that I made with your Sweet Garlic Mustard to her entire  chicken breast. My wife raved over my cooking also. This however is not the end of the story. I had put two leftover breasts in the fridge for lunch the next day. I got up this morning and went to make my lunch for today, and not one but both of the breasts were gone. My daughter, who never, and I do mean never eats leftovers, had woke up in the middle of the night and eaten one of the breasts. My wife heard her in the kitchen and joined her in the midnight raid. So of course I was left with tuna sandwiches  and hehehe those leftover deviled eggs. The only complaint I have is that there is no place local for me to buy your delicious  products. Just wanted to share this story with you and your customers. Thanks for creating such amazingly high quality products.

-Dwayne Spears












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